Channel Pulse

A multi-channel insight solution focused on understanding evolving consumer behaviours and attitudes.


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Powered by HIM & MCA data, Channel Pulse is a brand new channel-led solution delivering insights on consumer and shopper behaviour across grocery retail and foodservice.

Unique weekly data measuring consumer and shopper behaviour and attitudes, delivered through dashboards and insightful content:

  • 52,000 online consumer interviews a year, covering 150+ operators and retailers
  • Full channel coverage – in home and out of home, grocery retail and foodservice
  • An unrivalled depth of information on occasions, categories and retailers
  • Additional bespoke analysis capabilities to meet your specific business needs


Channel Pulse data is available through our dashboard - an easy to use analytics tool.

For optimal results, our consumer dashboard can be segmented in a number of ways - including channel, retailer/operator and category reads.

Included in Channel Pulse data:

  • Weekly hot topics, with commentary written by our experienced analysts
  • Consumer behaviour split by day-part (for example penetration, retailer/operator visited)
  • Demographics & channel (including age, gender, work status, region)
  • Retailer & category metrics (e.g. missions, visit frequency, purchases)


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