Arming you and your team with the tools needed to truly understand shoppers

We offer clients workshops and further training to arm you and your team with the tools needed to truly understand shoppers and the channels in which they shop across small format retailers on the high street

Market definitions & maps

Providing a clear map of how the channel is structured. Helping you understand how each small format channel operates in terms of how and where they purchase stock from. This will also help you to identify the key formats that your business may want to focus resources to.

Identify the key players

We will help you begin to identify who the key players for your chosen category may be. Once these have been identified, we will look to see how you can best interact and grow within those stores.

Understand the main points of influence

We will also help you understand at which points throughout the product journey suppliers can influence and how to best do this. Engage, interrupt and influence are the keys to success.

Trade communication

We will help you to identify the different sources of information that can be used to leverage your position with the trade. How industry data and insight is used by suppliers to influence retailer decision-making. The role of trade press, leaflets & brochures

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