World Foods and Spices Report 2019


Shoppers today are experimental and adventurous. Appetites for World Foods and Spices have grown, with 58% of shoppers more interested in trying new World Foods than they used to be. The trend for World Food has not happened in isolation. In fact this catgeory is linked to the rise of other catgeories, including Health, Snacking and food service trends such as the rise of Asian cuisines. 

How can Convenience make the most of these changing attitudes? There are vast opportunities to grow World Foods for both retailers and suppliers. We have channelled shopper views and retailer "best in class examples" into actionable ways to capitalise on this trend.

What this hot topic insight will cover

  • Growth & shopper attitudes and behaviours within the category
  • Trends linked to the rise of World Foods
  • Opportunities & Ways in which suppliers and retailers can maximise this on-trend category
  • Focus on Spices
  • Market Innovations and Food to Go inspired World Food

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Blonnie Walsh

Blonnie Walsh

Senior Insights Manager