Preparing for Christmas 2019


We take a look back at Christmas 2018 to discern the winning strategy for Christmas 2019. 

This report includes purchasing behaviour, methods and dietary restrictions when preparing the Christmas meal, product type preferences and retailer opinions. Considering these angles offers clear opportunities to maximise on the festive season in 2019. 

Premiumisation, availability, Christmas themed products are some of the key ways that retailers and suppliers can address shopper needs in the lead up to Christmas. We have taken a close look at range, and how this needs to differ based on location and outlet type.  We also highlight some best in class examples of great activation at Christmas 2018 and ask retailers what they need to see to support even better sales in 2019. 

What this hot topic insight will cover

  • PURCHASING BEHAVIOUR: Planning process, outlet choice, general purchases, gifting purchases
  • PREPARING THE CHRISTMAS MEAL: Meal preparation method, dietary requirement considerations
  • PRODUCT TYPE PREFERENCES: Premium products, local products
  • RETAILER OPINION: Importance of Christmas to different retailer types

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Alice Dolling

Alice Dolling

Senior Account Manager