Plastic Pollution: The importance to shoppers & the role of Convenience


Whilst plastic provides us with a huge number of positive applications and economic benefits, it is their drawbacks and harmful properties that have caught the attention of the media, government and least, the public. The ‘plastic problem’ is not a new issue; public figures from both corporates and NGOs and high profile campaigns have been banging the drum about the widespread issues and catastrophic effects of plastic.

This report will look beyond the headlines and public sentiment to understand if the plastic problem is really affecting shoppers and their behavior in the UK, whilst exploring the initiatives taken by retailers & suppliers to tackle the issue.

What this hot topic insight will cover

  • Creating a win-win strategy
  • How bad is the “plastic problem”?
  • The effects on wildlife and humans
  • What are the solutions?
  • New initiatives that c-stores can implement
  • How FMCG brands have already responded

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