The Future of Convenience Report 2018


This report takes a future-thinking approach; it aims to identify trends emerging from within our society and understand what human demands are driving these developments. We discuss each trend with reference to the driving forces of human behaviour, and where we have seen other industries begin to tap into these evolving demands of UK and international consumers. From this, we have drawn conclusions about these growing patterns of consumer behaviour, offering suggestions about how the convenience sector can best prepare for long-term shopper demands.

We have identified six key trends for 2018 and beyond, all of which stem from broader societal issues: Health, Experience and Social Consciousness.

What this hot topic insight will cover

  • The report features insight, data and examples from HIM against the 6 key trends identified has having an impact on the convenience channel for 2018
  • Health - we've identified two key trends within health, namely "Health for Everyone" and "No Health without Mental Health"
  • The third trend, "Hyper-Personalisation"’ takes an in depth look at how shoppers want tailored experiences
  • For the fourth trend, "Escapism" explores the idea that consumers want an avenue to “switch off” and escape from their frantic pace of everyday life.
  • Our fifth trend, "Giving Back" looks at shoppers’ desire to give back to social causes and their consequent expectations for corporations.
  • The final trend, 'Radical Transparency" explores how in a world of post-truth politics and 'fake news' consumers are looking for brands they can trust

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