What is Channel Pulse & Pulse Update?

Our priority during these difficult and unpredictable times is to ensure that you remain as informed as possible, armed with robust and actionable insight to navigate the challenges ahead. Drawing on our expertise and our ability to collate and analyse extensive shopper and consumer behavioural data, we have introduced a brand-new service that gives you the support you need.

We are pleased to announce that on 30th March 2020, we will be launching our new weekly Channel Pulse. Alongside Channel Pulse, we will be writing regular blogs, articles, infographics and more, known as Pulse Updates.

Channel Pulse – weekly channel tracker

Channel Pulse is our brand-new weekly consumer and shopper behaviour tracker. Available to HIM & MCA subscription clients, Channel Pulse consists of 1,000 consumer interviews every week and identifies:

  • Key behavioural metrics
  • Visit share across all food and drink channels
  • Consumer spend per channel – inc. pubs, restaurants, FTG, convenience stores, supermarkets, delivery, online
  • How does food and drink expenditure compare to other discretionary spend
  • The changing attitudes of consumers towards different food and drink channels

In addition to this, once we have a bank of data, we will be able to look at forecasts for the weeks and months ahead to help you plan and prepare as best as possible.

Pulse Update - delivered to you through the week

Using the insight that we extract from Channel Pulse, we will be writing regular infographics, blogs, articles and more. These are known as Pulse Updates and will help turn the data from Channel Pulse into digestible, actionable insights.

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