Keeping you connected and informed

Keeping you connected with your shoppers, consumers and business owners is – and will continue to be - critical over the next few weeks and months. We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure you receive the data and insight you need to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Here are the changes that we have made…

Channel Pulse – Keeping you connected and informed

From Monday 30th March 2020, we are launching our new weekly Channel Pulse that will identify:

  • Key behaviour metrics 
  • Visit share across all food and drink channels
  • Consumer spend per channel – inc. pubs, restaurants, FTG, convenience stores, supermarkets, delivery, online
  • How does food and drink expenditure compare to other discretionary spend
  • The changing attitudes of consumers towards different food and drink channels

While we cannot predict the length or severity of the coronavirus situation, we will be able to use our data to build forecasts for the coming weeks and months. Using this insight, we can and will make sure that you and your businesses have the data and insight you need to navigate these difficult waters and tackle the challenges.

Regular Insight updates

Alongside our tracker, from Friday 27th March, we will be curating regular insight-led content – blogs, articles, infographics etc. – and uploading it to our new Pulse Update Centre to keep you informed of the latest developments during these challenging times. You can sign up for our regular Pulse Update emails to have these updates delivered direct to your inbox.

Eating Out Panel, 72,000 consumers data now available weekly.

In addition to this new service, we are also reviewing and updating our existing products to ensure their relevance to our clients during these uncertain times. We have switched the data gathering for our Eating Out Panel from monthly to weekly, so we can closely track the attitudes and behaviours of consumer as the situation evolves.

Menu Tracker and Operator Data Index to track delivered operators

We are also reviewing our Menu Tracker and Operator Data Index services to ensure we are reporting on the things that matter now.

If you have any specific questions, our team is here to support you.

From all of us at HIM & MCA Insight, we send you our best wishes and our full support.

Jill Livesey
Managing Director
HIM & MCA Insight