Have You Unlocked the Full Potential of Your In-store Displays?

Shoppers are visiting c-stores more frequently, offering the perfect opportunity for suppliers and retailers to drive sales and awareness of products through displays. However, despite a rise in footfall shoppers are spending less time per visit, limiting the opportunity to influence, disrupt and upsell. So, with brands grappling for the in-store spotlight we look at the effectiveness of in-store displays and the key categories to target.

On average, a shopper will spend 3 minutes and 51 seconds browsing for products, but in this time they will pass 606 point-of-purchase displays. With the average shopper only acknowledging 54 of these displays this highlights the importance of an in-store display. You only have 0.9 seconds to influence a shopper with your display!

So what are the key categories and shoppers to target with displays? One of the first things we noticed in our research was the difference between males and females. Females are a lot more considered in their approach. In fact, 1 in 10 females are impacted by an in-store display, whereas males are more likely to be locked in autopilot whilst conducting a shop.

From a category perspective, mission-led shoppers are much more likely to be impacted by an in-store display. Shoppers that are on an entertainment missions in particular, are a key target, with 1 in 6 impacted by a display. Unsurprisingly, those shoppers that are on a distress top-up mission are least likely to be impacted by a display, as they are likely to be in autopilot, with a strict list to fulfil.

In-store displays now play a much bigger role within the convenience sector. Previously, impulse purchases were driven by promotions, but our research now suggests that more and more impulse purchases are driven through in-store displays. This is a significant shift in shopper behaviour and is highlighting how important it is to get your displays right. This is also a huge opportunity as we know shoppers are actively looking to be inspired.

Our recent Convenience Display Effectiveness (CoDE) research looks in detail, category by category at the effectiveness of displays, highlighting the key types of displays to maximise sales and performance. In a highly competitive environment this is vital to success, especially with over 90% of in-store displays going unnoticed by shoppers.

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