Tidy Up Your Sales within the Household Category

The Household category is not necessarily one of the core categories that is driving growth for convenience retailers. However, it does have very high UK penetration, so the opportunity is there for retailers to attract a wider customer base into their stores.

Our latest deep-dive into the category, which looks at shopper behaviour across convenience stores and discounters, identifies some of the areas suppliers and retailers should focus on in order to drive household sales.

Price has been identified as a key consideration for shoppers when it comes to household products – regardless of whether they are on a distress or top-up mission. We asked shoppers if they checked the price before purchasing household products from a convenience store or discounter and nearly 8 in 10 shoppers said they did. Having the right pricing strategy in place is therefore crucial for retailers to drive category sales.

household category stats

Another key finding from our study is that the convenience shopper is significantly more likely than the discounter shopper to buy household products on promotion. Convenience retailers therefore need to ensure they are pricing household products competitively to attract shoppers to buy into the category. Regularly refreshing promotions can help engage shoppers and encourage more frequent visits.

Many more insights can be found in our household category deep-dive, which arms suppliers and retailers alike with the knowledge to build a strategy that helps the household category succeed in the convenience and discounter channels.

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