Make-up for Low Penetration within Beauty Category

The beauty category is not necessarily renowned as a core, footfall-driving category for convenience stores or discounters. In fact, retailers often neglect the category within their stores, as it does not drive the volumes of sales as much as high-penetration categories do.

However, there are still opportunities for beauty within these channels. Our latest deep-dive into the category, which looks at shopper behaviour across convenience stores and discounters, identifies some of the areas retailers and suppliers should focus on in order to drive beauty sales.

Getting the range right is essential. Shampoo, shower gel and oral care are the three most popular products bought in convenience stores and discounters, making them must-stock items in both channels. However, our study also shows that there is unmet demand for products such as soap, fragrance, skin care and toiletries, suggesting that retailers are potentially missing out on sales.

Which beauty products are currently missing in convenience stores or discounters that you would like to be able to buy?

1. Soap 1. Men's toiletries
2. Fragrance 2. Fragrance
3. Scincare 3. Oral care
4. Shower gel 4. Make-up

Another important consideration is in-store product location and placement. Often, retailers place the beauty category wherever they have space, which, in many cases, is at the back of the store in low-footfall areas. By doing so, they risk losing sales as shoppers might not be able to find these products or are simply unaware of them.

Correct merchandising is vital to increase visibility and awareness of low-penetration products and can help drive impulsivity. What ‘correct’ means likely differs from store to store and any decisions should be based on robust shopper insights. Wholesalers and suppliers play a crucial role in supporting retailers in understanding key shopper trends, what a successful core range looks like and the best ways of merchandising the category.

Find out how you can use the research from our latest beauty deep-dive in convenience and discounters to help retailers develop a successful strategy across the different channels and maximise sales within a category that has not received the attention it needs…