Healthy Trends in Convenience 2016

As healthy eating continues to become a way of life rather than just a food trend we’ve been speaking to shoppers up and down the country to find out how they think convenience stores are catering for their health conscious needs. Here are just some of the key headlines from our Healthy Trends report for 2016:

  • Fresh fruit and veg penetration has continued to steadily grow since 2000 highlighting the importance of healthy foods amongst shoppers. However nearly a quarter of c-store shoppers would go elsewhere to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • A significant number of retailers are planning to stock more healthy options over the next year demonstrating that they are listening to shoppers needs. Healthy food suppliers need to be proactive to get their products heard of and at the forefront of retailers' minds via various routes to market.
  • A quarter of UK consumers identify healthy with a product that displays ‘low fat’ on it. Suppliers should create low fat alternatives of their products and retailers should ensure they stock them and let their shoppers know about it!
  • Nearly half of all convenience store shoppers consider health options as important. Students are one group that find healthy options particularly important. Focus should be placed on healthy “brain food” snacks for stressful revision periods, cheap healthy quick dinner solutions like ready-made soups and healthy lunch to-go options.

With shoppers on the whole looking to become healthier, retailers should be capitalising on this by stocking more healthy products and making sure it's well communicated. Millennials (18 – 34 year olds) are the most likely to have healthy intentions therefore suppliers and retailers should be communicating with them the way they communicate with each other, via social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Do not ignore them – they hold the key to the success of the convenience industry.