The Challenges of Using a Grocery Shopper Marketing Strategy in the Convenience Channel

By their very nature the convenience shopper is time poor and mission ready. For many, this is a quick stop to pick up essential items with shoppers buying only 2-3 items on average per trip. Not only does the average visit last only 5 minutes but 1-in-3 of us want to be in and out as soon as possible. This is not a time for browsing with the majority (70%) of convenience shoppers only visiting the aisles they know they will find the products they are searching for and 8-in-10 are convinced they will only buy the items on their ‘list’. 

The mix of shopper missions in a convenience store is also more diverse, and in some ways, more complex. Convenience retailers have much less space to satisfy a much broader range of shopper needs, in a shorter space of time!

These findings do not bode well for shopper marketers whose job it is to disrupt and tempt the shopper. However, the opportunities that the convenience channel presents mean that if marketers can get it right then they can tap into a market place of 40,868 convenience stores (in the UK) which is 4 times larger than the number of supermarkets, attracting 46 million UK adults every week.

With in-store space at a premium in the smaller formats, it’s also critical to ensure that you get a return for any investment in POS displays and that you maximise the sales uplift by ensuring the message and the communication delivers.

Clearly with such marked differences between the grocery channel and the convenience channel and in particular how shoppers actually ‘shop’ these stores, it’s imperative that brand owners have a shopper marketing strategy that is tailored to the unique needs of the convenience shopper. Put simply, people shop these two retail environments very differently.

So it has become clear that not only a different strategy to the grocery channel is needed but also there is a lack of independent, robust insight for the convenience channel.  To help understand the most effective type of displays, locations and messages for your category him! have teamed up with POPAI to develop a new research-based service that focuses on the convenience format.  

In the current climate ensuring you get your shopper marketing right, first time, in the convenience channel is key in maximising your ROI and taking advantage of the opportunities this diverse channel presents.