Fresh Thinking Needed for the C-sector

Shoppers confirm it: Focussing on fresh can step change store performance

  • Even in hard times, shoppers are telling us that buying more fresh produce is going to be as important to them in the next 12 months as deal shopping, driven by continued trends towards healthy living.

  • This need to purchase fresh produce regularly means the category plays a leading rolein the decision on store choice of top-up shoppers.

  • Shoppers demand a range of fresh produce of both quality and value for money. They believe the c-sector (as a whole) underperforms on both of these measures currently

  • The sector is not only competing against the multiples but also the discount trade. And the prize is a valuable one, fresh produce shoppers spend more and visit more – and have an better overall value for money perception of the store

And improved quality of fruit & veg / fresh meats are top of the priority list for top up shoppers in c-stores

Improvements which top up shoppers want to see in convenience (excluding price):

  1. Improved quality & range of fruit & veg
  2. Improved quality & range of meats/fish
  3. More staff at peak times

The stores I use to top up shop normally have what I want, I do tend to use supermarkets for fruit and veg as the local store to me doesn't carry much range. (Source: him! CTP 2012)

Supermarkets are focused on driving fresh credibility

  • Multi-tiered shelving units allow a deceptively wide range of fruit and veg at Asda, as well as helping to create a colourful and eye-catching display.

  • Morrisons new ‘Fresh Market’ concept store – great quality & theatre around fresh including ‘misting’ of products!

  • ‘Wooden’ shelving units and ‘baskets’ suggest ‘market fresh.

(Source: Shop Waves: Winning top up 2013)

Aldi constantly shouts about it’s fresh credentials - They come with a quality guarantee

  • Fruit & veg satisfaction guarantee – if not 100% satisfied they’ll replace the product AND give your money back

  • Aldi Super 6 – 6 different fruit & veg are promoted each week to ensure different products are accessible to all shoppers & to encourage trial