Effective Communication with Independent Retailers

Have you ever wondered how effectively you communicate with independent retailers? What advice do they want? How can you really support and influence them? Are they even listening?

Our latest research aims to help ensure suppliers and wholesalers invest in the most effective means of communicating with convenience retailers, by identifying ways to tailor the content of their communication to drive action. Here are some of the things we learnt.

The vast majority of retailers look to sales reps for support, and retailers want to engage with reps more in the next 12 months. Coca Cola and Mondelez are amongst the top rated suppliers in terms of trust. Why? It’s quite simple, they visit stores often and have a clear, simple message.

Trade press is also cited as a powerful medium for communicating to retailers; the go-to for information on NPD, retailer testimonials and shoppers' trends.

Once in the depot, there is a staggering amount of opportunity for us to improve the ease of shop for retailers – and they are crying out for it. 57% of retailers tell us they want to “get in out of this Cash & Carry as quickly as possible”.  Improving retailers ease of shop through mission management, whilst simultaneously maximising impulse purchases and driving loyalty to depot, could be the future of the wholesale environment.

But it is definitely important to influence retailers before the point of purchase. Our research shows that 64% of decisions are made before retailers are even in the depot, and 96% of them recreate their shopping list each time they visit. Ensuring you get on, and stay on that list is imperative. Brochures and leaflets are another effective means to do this, with 77% of retailers saying they influenced their purchasing decisions.