Easter: the Perfect Opportunity for Driving Impulsivity

When talking about what the modern shopper demands, health-consciousness is on the agenda of almost every conversation. Refreshingly, the concepts of sugar limits and calorie counting get set aside when it comes to Easter and instead our attention turns to treats and impulsivity.

The overwhelming majority of shoppers are buying Easter chocolate as a gift for someone else and thus it is important to use relevant POS encouraging gift purchases. Interestingly, 27% are actually buying into the category as a “treat for myself” – a chance to encourage impulsivity that should not be ignored by suppliers nor retailers. There is a clear opportunity for secondary locations of Easter confectionery near the till for those wishing to indulge - this should be something to consider for 2018.

This year, Easter Sunday fell on April 16th. Surprisingly, a significant proportion of shoppers had yet to purchase their first Easter item by the second week of April. Such an admission suggests it is likely that shoppers are on a distress mission close to Easter day to buy their chocolatey goods.

This year we have seen fantastic Easter Egg Hunt packages from various retailers, meaning shoppers can pick up ready-made solutions for the classic children’s game last minute. Product availability will be key for suppliers in order to avoid missing out on sales to competitors when their product was the shoppers’ original first choice but it was unavailable when they came into store. When working so close to the line calculating appropriate supply and demand is imperative.

The potential for suppliers to tap into Easter activity does not stop at confectionery. On average 6 out of 10 shoppers are planning to make a home cooked meal in order to celebrate Easter. With 69% of those shoppers planning to cook their meal entirely from scratch, raw ingredients will be essential. Offer meal inspiration and ease shoppers’ shop by merchandising meal ingredients together, creating recipe boxes and locating inspiration signage in store.

Seasonal events like Easter provide the perfect opportunity to create some theatre in store. Brushing aside daily concerns of health and tapping into the counter demand for indulgence should be a winning formula for encouraging that impulsive behaviour in store.