3 Tips to Maximising Last Minute Sales at Easter

Easter has fallen early in the calendar this year, increasing the possibility of shoppers being caught unaware and rushing to their local shop at the last minute to stock the cupboards and buy their Easter gifts. So, despite Easter only being around the corner there are still opportunities over the next few days for retailers to generate footfall and drive sales within their stores. We take a look at three of the key ways for stores to maximise their last minute sales before Easter hits.

1. Keep your store well stocked

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is easy for stores to slowly reduce their stock volumes as Easter approaches to avoid wastage. However, in 2017, 22% of shoppers started their Easter shopping in the last two weeks prior to Easter Sunday and 37% waited until the last few days. That’s nearly 60% of shoppers leaving their Easter shopping until the final two weeks, highlighting the importance of keeping your shelves well stocked right up until the last minute.

It is likely that shoppers who wait until nearer the deadline are on a distress shopping mission, resulting in price becoming less of a defining factor. Failure to satisfy this mission will result in lost sales and footfall.

2. Inspire your shoppers with gifting opportunities

Behind Christmas, retailers see Easter as the second largest celebration for driving sales each year and it is easy to see why. Our survey in April 2017 found that 82% of shoppers had purchased gifts for other people.  Inspire your shoppers by placing your Easter products in high footfall areas. This will also act as a reminder to some customers that Easter is just around the corner.

Our survey shows that 52% of shoppers were purchasing gifts for their children, so ensure your children’s Easter products are highly visible to shoppers coming through your doors. However, a large proportion of shoppers are also purchasing for their partners, so don’t throw all your eggs into one basket.

3. Alcohol is driving sales within convenience

When Easter comes around, confectionery is certainly on the menu, with 76% of shoppers purchasing into the category in advance. However, confectionery is not the only avenue to push throughout the Easter period. In fact, shoppers are more likely to purchase alcohol from a convenience store than Easter eggs and boxed chocolates.

Easter provides an opportunity for families to have a get-together and with the following day being a Bank Holiday it is a great reason for many to let their hair down and have a few drinks. Stock a range of premium and standard alcohol products, as shoppers come through your store looking to stock up their fridges ahead of the long weekend. Many shoppers also choose to trade-up and indulge in more premium brands on special occasions, so use POS to highlight and inspire these shoppers.