Shopper Research and Insights in the Irish retail landscape

The Irish retail landscape is one of great diversity and fantastic best-in-class examples of foodservice and convenience.

Our Irish based research and insight experts understand the market and aim to help our clients unpick the attitudes and behaviours that make the Irish shopper so unique

Our research speaks to shoppers at each stage of the path to purchase journey. Capturing insight on what are the important factors that drive shoppers to choose a particular retailer and what does that retailer need to satisfy in order to meet their needs. When in store what factors influence their purchase decisions – from the role of price, promotions, brands v own label, in-store display and store staff. We capture key metrics on purchases, spend, basket size and frequency to benchmark between shopper types and retailers helping to understand where they under and over index to help isolate areas of opportunities and potential threats

We offer both tailored solutions and report based insights into both the Irish retail market as well as the Irish shopper themselves

To find out an overview of the Irish Convenience Market for 2017, have a read of our white paper on the very subject, downloadable via this link;

Richard Bissett is our man on the ground in Dublin and here is what he has to say on the challenges and opportunities within the Irish market;

With a sophisticated convenience and forecourt channel, Ireland offers massive opportunities as well as challenges for suppliers

In this confident economy, shoppers are willing to pay more for better products.  How far does this extend and what are the most price elastic categories?

How is the emerging FTG channel impacting on shopper behaviour in Ireland?

How can retailers and suppliers make the most of the double digit growth in the coffee category?

Irish shoppers seem to be making healthier choices now more than ever.  How can you ensure your offer meets their needs?

The irish shopper spends less time in store than across Europe…how can you make sure they notice YOUR product?

Irish retailers are renowned for a commitment to excellence.  What is most important to these retailers, and what direction do they see the channel moving?

For more information on our shopper research and insight capabilities in Ireland and to find out the answers to these questions and more please get in touch

Richard Bissett

Richard Bissett

Head of New Business - Ireland