Inspire change within our business and within businesses we work with

We aim to deliver our insights in a way that makes it impactful, memorable and actionable.

We take inspiration from markets, retailers and brands and the relationships that we build to inspire change within our own business and within the businesses we work with

Our team are constantly analysing the latest trends from social, economic, consumer, retailer, technology and ethical origins to determine which are fads and which are futures and more importantly what this means for shoppers and shopping behaviours now and going forward to help you future protect your business strategy and secure long term sales growth

Our latest Future of Convenience 2018 report aims to highlight 6 key shopper trends to inspire retailers and brands to consider the impact of evolving shopper behaviours. 

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This report takes a future-thinking approach; it aims to identify trends emerging from within our society and understand what human demands are driving these developments.

Click here to access the Future of Convenience Report 2018

We discuss each trend with reference to the driving forces of human behaviour, and where we have seen other industries begin to tap into these evolving demands of UK and international consumers. From this, we have drawn conclusions about these growing patterns of consumer behaviour, offering suggestions about how the convenience sector can best prepare for long-term shopper demands. At HIM we believe that these trends will have a major impact on the convenience sector in 2018 and beyond, and our aim is to highlight how the sector can maximise the opportunities arising from these. With convenience retailing experiencing seismic change, the willingness and ability for businesses to adapt is vital for their future success.

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