Does the Price Always Have to Be Right?


In a market where the discounters continue to grow and eat away at the market share of the larger supermarkets, it is easy to focus on price and go head-to-head with them at their own strategy. In fact, our new research into the High Street highlights price as the number one, most important factor that drives shoppers into a high street supermarket. However, is it the only factor? The discounters have laid down the gauntlet on price – do others have to follow suit in order to compete and grow?

What this hot topic insight will cover

  • Understand the rise of the discounters
  • Difference between price and non-price conscious shoppers
  • Missions that are driving shoppers to the high street
  • Retailers that are attracting shoppers to their stores and key,
  • Exclusive insights from our High Street study

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