Convenience Display Effectiveness (CoDE)

Introducing the only reliable way to measure effectiveness of display communication in the convenience channel

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What is it and How does it work?

Our Convenience Display Effectiveness (CoDE) study analyses different in-store displays to find the optimum location and type to help you maximise your brand engagement. We look at this from a category level and the results are fascinating!

Across 35 days we have analysed 573 different shopper journeys, including 424,000 POP display interactions, to create this unprecedented piece of research.

Through our partnership with POPAI we used specially designed ClipCam© micro cameras to see exactly what the shopper has seen. DigiTrack©, is then used to record, measure and subsequently analyse each individual shoppers’ behavioural characteristics. Specifically the shoppers’ route, categories visited, displays they pass or comes into their line of vision and associated behaviour.

We also interviewed each shopper pre-shop to understand their intentional shopping behaviour and post-shop to ask about their actual shopping behaviour.

Using this analysis we can determine the performance and impact of in-store display material on shoppers for your category in the convenience channel through 4 key metrics: Impact Ratio, Engagement Ratio, Conversion Ratio and Lost Ratio.


Eliminate guess-work from your shopper marketing strategy. Maximise effectiveness of your in-store communication

What will CoDE tell you?

  • Which in-store displays are most effective in convenience stores?
  • What are the best locations for my display?
  • What type of messaging has most impact on the shopper?
  • What display delivers the most conversions for my category?
  • Which displays work best for my category & brand and which work the least?
  • Where are the opportunities for my category?
  • Should I focus on-shelf? In category second siting, or out of category?
  • What is the best use of my spend in the convenience sector?

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How will CoDE benefit you?


CoDE will help develop your marketing strategy to ensure you are maximising your opportunities in the convenience channel.


By understanding which displays are the most effective in achieving different outcomes, CoDE will help you rationalise your trade spend strategy accordingly.


CoDE will uncover opportunities for you to grow sales and save costs, by helping you to understand which displays offer the most ROI and how you can use POS to push growth lines.


CoDE allows you to support retailers with unique insight into the convenience channel, building your trust and reputation across the industry, and giving you the potential to implement mutually beneficial actions.

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