Case Studies

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Case studies and testimonials from recent HIM projects

Crediton Dairy: MAKING A SPLASH!

CHALLENGE: Crediton Dairy wanted to gain more listings within the convenience sector & wanted to show the opportunity for the Moo brand within the sector.

SOLUTION: Sponsoring a retail panel made up of 12 progressive retailers and combining this with our shopper insight allowed Crediton Dairy to put together case studies to take to retailer head offices.

REWARD: Crediton Dairy gained listings in Londis & Budgens as well as developed long lasting relationships with key retailers

Nestle Cereal Partners


  • Nestlé CP wanted to equip their account team with relevant convenience shopper insight to support them with number of key accounts
  • Tailored information was created, supported by category specific information for each retailer account
  • “The information was really valuable to the account teams and they were able to demonstrate that they understood the customer better that ever before”